Integrated Security & Communications

At Integrated Security & Communications, our focus extends beyond the simple installation of security systems.

Our main goal is to offer our clients the integrated solutions best-suited to fulfill their unique security needs. Our extensive portfolio of services and innovative approach to managing deployments of various sizes allow us to create customized solutions to address even the most complex requirements. 

Small Business/Retail

Small Business Owner Store

For many small business owners, their business is one of their most valuable assets and protecting it can be a constant source of worry. Our scalable security solutions, ideal for the small business unsure of their future needs, can help reduce the need for concern.

Protecting employees, customers, and physical assets from unwanted activity is imperative to a small business’s success. Intrusion detection and video surveillance allow small business owners to detect and record unauthorized access to their premises, giving them the ability to respond to incidents quickly and appropriately.

Campus Environments

University Campus

Large complex campuses require sophisticated, networked systems to effectively manage multiple buildings. Full integration and system continuity as well as the ability to expand, are absolutely necessary in this type of environment.

Campuses usually require a multitude of security systems to fully secure their premises. Intrusion detection, access control, perimeter protection, and video surveillance are all typical components of a campus system. Getting these systems to function together seamlessly is a difficult task and Integrated Security’s expertise in this area is unmatched.

Enterprise Systems

Large Corporate building

Large corporations seeking to standardize their security measures across multiple cities, states, or even countries would benefit from an enterprise class solution. By creating a consistent approach to security, global clients can more efficiently manage their systems.

In such an intricate yet dynamic environment, tools such as visitor management, video analytics, and other advanced technologies become necessary.